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Problem while logging finds in Hangul (Korean script)


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This would belong in either the Asia forum or the geocaching.com site forum; probably more appropriate here since my problem is unique to Korea.... I've been trying to type in Hangul as well as English while logging or creating caches. It will display fine while editing, but after I hit save all that appears is a mess of question marks, like ??? ????? ??.


I'm running the Western language (U.S.) version of Windoze 7, using Microsoft IME to type in Hangul. From the log entries of the local citizen geocachers here in Korea, I'm sure they're using the localized Korean version of Windows (since Korea is a Microsoft monoculture - virtually no Mac or Linux users here whatsoever) and their Hangul displays on the website just fine. I don't have this problem with any other website where I use the Microsoft IME to type in Korean.


This issue doesn't exist on the Groundspeak forums: 한글을 볼수있다. But when logging finds my Hangul will not display properly after saving.


Has anyone else run into this problem? Has anyone surmounted it?

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Yes, having the same problem with my first post. Have to research some more, maybe coming off an English language machine and just using the Windows Language tool bar to type in Hangul....Must be a way to do it as I see caches with Hangul.


If anyone can help, please let us know.


Thanks, Flyingsword :P

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This seems to apply to all Unicode in log or cache description.




Summary :


1. Enter your text (e.g. 한글) in the input box on http://web.forret.com/tools/html.asp


2. Click "Convert to HTML"


3. Copy the text in the input box (NOT HTML box) and paste it in your log.


You should enter into the log (from example above, but without the space between "&" and "#"):


& #54620;& #44544;


and your log should show:




Note that, if you edit the log, the ampersand escape code will magically convert back to text, and you need to repeat steps 1 - 3 again.

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