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OK, so my Brother has fever for going out at any hour for the chance at a FTF. Yesterday evening, I got a call...


"Are you in front of the computer?"


"Can you look something up for me?"


"I'm going after this FTF, and somehow my printout doesn't have the coordinates"


"Can you look it up and read them to me?"


So...Here's the topic...I'm not really into the whole FTF thing, so if he goes out after one and finds himself not properly prepared, should I refuse to help?? I mean if you're in the race, you're on your own, right??

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He printed it out without logging in, or looking at the page and bolted out the door..


Hmm. :P


Perhaps you may want to give him slightly altered coords to prevent being an "enabler"? :lol:

Seems that there might be a glitch in printing after the recent updates??


That glitch has been around for quite a bit longer than that. I've frequently had that same thing happen to me, where a whole section, including the co-ords, Difficulty and Terrain ratings, cache size, etc. are missing for no apparent reason

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I mean if you're in the race, you're on your own, right??


No, if you're in the race, you're using every available resource, including time, money, batteries, spousal tolerance, and favors from relatives.


Just give him the coordinates and let it be. Hopefully, he thanks you for your help and owes you a favor. Maybe you'll call him when you're on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire".

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