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incorrect trackable history


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Looking at http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...34-3e58ea7363a2 I have noticed the following two problems:


1) the note entry from the 12/28/2009 has the wrong country attached (why do notes have countries anyway?)


2) my grab entry from the 12/29/2009 falsely says "from The Shrine 2" when in fact I grabbed it from unknown location where it was placed by the cache owner. After submission it just said "from " without a location but this has now changed to "from The Shrine 2" which is wrong as I have re-released it with the copy tag.


Thank you for looking into it.

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1) It lists the country/state/province/whatever because those of us who own TBs like to see where they have been!

2) When you use the 'grab' function, it removes it from the cache in which it is located. When you grab it from a different cache than the one you found it in, you should drop it into that cache, and retrieve it. That helps to keep the bug's movements as valid as possible.

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