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How to retrieve co-ords of saved waypoint

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I have a Garmin Nuvi 205 and am still getting to know my way around it. I see you can save your location to favourites, and name it accordingly, but when I recall that location from favourites I cant seem to see what the co-ords are. I want to be able to do this for placing caches, so would hide the cache, push "save location" and later from home pick up the co-ords of that saved location, but am struggling to pick up the co-ords.


Anyone know how to do this


Many Thanks

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Thanks Motorcycle_Mama.


I noticed on fiddling around that if I push "where to?", then push the "coordinates" option it seems to pick up my current co-ords, from there then hit the "next" option and then the "save" option - it then saves the position to "favourites" including giving me those saved co-ords. A push and hold for a few seconds on the top left corner of the first menu screen where the bars for sattelite strength are brings up another screen where the co-ords can be confirmed.


Thanks once again.

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