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STL/IL Area caches

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I will be in or about the 62025 area visiting family for the holidays. I can't pass up the opportunity to find at least a couple caches, plus being so close to the border I could cache in two states on the same day. Problem is, I didn't even discover geocaching until after I moved away from this area, and while I may still remember my way around, could someone recommend any caches that I could find? More importantly, caches that won't be buried under a couple feet of snow is what I'm really after. Thanks in advance!

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I have a sister in ST Louis, so I visit often. Here are some great parks to check out. Can't promise there won't be snow, but you'll have a stellar time in these amazing parks:


*Lone Elk Park in StL south county has several caches. You walk around among herds of elk. Come at dusk or dawn for an amazing time. There are also bison, but you can't get out of your car in the bison area, so no caches there.


* Castlewood park on the edge of the Missouri River has 150 ft high white river bluffs. You haul yourself up to the top and be rewarded with an incredible view of Lone elk Park on the other side of the river.


*There is a rails-to-trails asphalt strip that runs behind Grant's Farm. Tons of caches along the trail, but the real show is the Budweiser Clydesdales in a mile of white fenced paddocks along the trail. Look for the interesection of Grant Rd and Gravois Rd and you are there.


* Chain of Rock Bridge: beautiful place on the Mississppi river, but beware. Our car got broken into while we cached there.


* St Louis Zoo has several caches in the zoo, and admission is free. The surrounding park is incredible.

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