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Problem with my Vista Cx

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I pulled my 2 1/2 year old Garmin Vista Cx off the shelf after a few weeks down time. I pushed the power button- nothing happened. Ok, needs fresh batteries- still nothing. Tried another set of batteries- you guessed it, nothing. On closer inspection, the screen flashes some faint blue horizontal lines for a split second, then blank. This happens every time I press the power button. I also noticed that when I pull out the batteries, similar faint horizontal lines appear on the screen and linger for about 20 seconds before fading away.


The unit has never been submerged or dropped, heck it doesn't have a scratch on it. I've only used it for about 250 caches, so there aren't alot of hours on it. If it is indeed terminal, I have embraced the idea that I get to upgrade to a better unit. However, if something like this is repairable (or just needs to be reset, or something) I would prefer to have it as a backup, instead of just having to throw it away.


Any ideas?



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Try it.. Maybe plugging the unit into USB will jostle it back to life too, lol


If that doesn't work, the Vista will be an awesome FTF swag item :)


Without the unit powered up, my computer won't even recognize the usb connection.



Imagine the FTFs surprise whey they open the cache and find a shiny new GPSr?! (I still have the box, and could package it up like new!)


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