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New caches in my area?

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I've noticed that typically it is the same group of people who are FTF in my area. It could be because they enjoy it and are dedicated people. But how do they know there is a new cache? Usually they are FTF within 12 hours?


How can I find out when a new cache has been added in my area?

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i have been caching for about a year now and have only got 1 FTF, this was becacuse i found it just as i was leaving for work (i was searching from my work co-ords to grap a close one on the way home)


The many people that get the FTF are Premium members - you get a notification message every time a new cache is published in there notification area.


I started around the same time as another member on here and they immidiatly become a PM they are up to FTF # 21


i not to bothered about the FTF's i dont get the chance that often to go out as soon as one is published due to work or family but am happy when i get there,


i have had the Co-ords for about 6 caches in my area - either bonus or puzzles or locatonless that i have solved but just haven had the time to get out and find them.


dont worry if your 6th 8th or even 1000th just enjoy the day and excitment of eventualy finding it and putting your name in the log.

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Members can find newest caches from their profile page (where it lists your last 30 days' logs).

On the right side of the page, find "Search Options", beneath that it will provide a link to "List newest caches in (your state)".


As a member, it will require you to check it daily, or more often if that is your desire.


Next option is premium membership, whereupon you can have that info emailed to you as it arises.

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My suggestion is that you geocache for free until you feel that you need a bit more fun, and then go for the premium membership and use the email notification and pocket queries. If you've got a applicable phone carrier, have em texted to you and dominate the competition.

The premium membership supports the hobby, and the features are handy (if not cumbersome).

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