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Help, please!

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On a massive drive from NYC to Asheville, NC I decided to find some caches in TN and WV because those were two states in which I didn't have finds. I discovered the JOE caches and found one in each state... the TN one was on my way to Asheville, in a fast food parking lot with the hint "dark sucker". When I tried to upload the field note from my iPhone it kept failing and didn't save a copy of it... so now I'm stuck because I have no idea where I was. Anyone out there know which cache this was? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi stranger.


If you know the cache was between two cities, you can run a pocket query for caches along a route for the route you took and then work through the results list to see if you can find it. Don't click on any choices that might exclude some caches such as ones that are not active, since it may have been disabled since your trip.


Good luck!

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the TN one was on my way to Asheville, in a fast food parking lot with the hint "dark sucker".



Just for laughs and giggles, I searched for "dark sucker" in my PDA. Two came up with that hint located in the Johnson City area of TN not far from I-26. Perhaps one of them is the one you are looking for. They are...M.O.N 5 of 10 ... Not Watauga North Carolina GC1A00F and N is for Naive GCY1A9.


I live south of Asheville, so I don't have all of the caches for that area in my PDA, but maybe those may be of help.


Good luck!

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Thanks to everyone for the tips, hints and advice. Reading these reminds me that it was NOT labeled as a "JOE" cache but that I read it in the description. It was one of those things... driving from NYC to NC after a day of driving to NYC from MI and I was so completely sick of driving. Oh, I'm in a 3G network... Oh, I'll find a cache. Oh! This one is really close. Oy.


40 was closed because of the A'ville rockslide but Johnson city was on the signs and I'm also going to do some searches for the other recommended cities. I don't know how to search along a route... I used to be a way better geocacher before I moved to Michigan. Booooooo!

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