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Do you advise searching alone?

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I would definitely advise searching alone if you feel comfortable with it. Letting someone know where you are going is never a bad idea however.

Only problems I have ever had while solo caching alone were caused by my own bad judgement/recklessness. I love the fact I can turn on my mp3 player while hiking alone and keep whatever pace I want.


One thing I find that does tend to buoy my confidence while doing rural hikes solo however is taking a walking pole. Not only does it help for most kinds of terrain but it can also make a decent spear/staff if a perceived threat approaches.

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I have just discovered geocaching and I live alone. Do you advise going on a search alone? I may have a friend that would like to join me, but I am thinking about when I can't find anyone to go with me. Ever heard of any problems while searching?


Thanks. :(

Most of my finds have been solo, I cache while at work. Safety depends on the neighborhood or area, and you. You must stay aware of your surroundings and alert to hazards. If you feel uncomfortable about being at a location, move on immediately. No cache is worth your safety.

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