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UR#1 Blue Version Geocoins Now Available !

River Cacher

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Here is your chance to grab the 2nd of 4 colors of the UR#1 Trackable Geocoin.


These are a perfect all around gift coin to show who is #1.

FTF, Birthday, Friendship or just attach a special item to it and let it travel the world.


I just received 100 UR#1 coins so place your order before they are gone.


75 available for sale.

35 Nickel Regular edition.

20 Black Nickel LE edition.

20 Copper XLE edition.


25 are being donated to a very special place that have a very small error on them.


Custom Blue Balloon icon will be activated after i mint 100 more of this color.


Price is 8.00 each.

US shipping is 2.50 for the first and and .50 each additional.

Canada is 3.00 and 1.00 each additional.

All others are 4.00 and 1.00 each additional.


Below is a list of other Trackable geocoins i have on hand that you can add in with this order.

FREE SHIPPING BELOW When added to a order above.

Yellow UR#1 Nickel version with Yellow balloon icon 8.00

Set of 4 Firetruck Geocoins Black Nickel, Nickel, Shiny Gold and New antique Gold 45.00

Black Canyon Beach Luau TIKI Geocoin New antique Gold 12.50





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