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Problem when creating PQ along route

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There was a time when various route PQs were missing caches for a large part of the second half of a route, but that problem was fixed.


However, there are still bugs in this tool. This weekend I noted that the tool is making mistakes in both directions: it is missing caches that should be there and it is including caches that are not within the designated distance from the route (by about 0.2 miles, not just round-off error). That particular route PQ returned 126 when it should have returned 132 but when analyzing the discrepancy cache-by-cache I found 17 caches were missing from the PQ and 11 were included that should not have been there. So with 28 errors, the error rate appears to currently be around 20% (not 50%).


From correspondence this past week I gather that it is currently being worked on. So specific detailed observations that others might relate could possibly be helpful in finding the bug(s).

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