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Time Zones

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When we Europeans enter a log early in the morning, the suggested date will be the day before, because we are 9h ahead of the server in Seattle.


Of course all dates (+times!) on the server side should be stored with the same reference, especially to get them sorted properly.


On the other hand, it looked pretty odd to me when I entered my birthday-log with the wrong date...


I think the proper solution is already demonstrated in the forums: posts are stored (and sorted) with a unique datetime reference (e.g.UTC) and just when displayed (or edited) converted to (from) the users time zone.


Consequently, I also suggest to allow editing of the complete date+time not only the date. It doesn't make sense to me to combine a user-defined date with the local time of the server.


Forgive me, if this has already been discussed before :D


Best wishes frohttp://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?act=post&do=edit_post&f=8&t=230771&p=4053195&st=m 9°E to 122°W B)

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Groundspeak doesn't handle time very well. All found logs, for example, are in Pacific time, 7 a.m. Publish time, though, carry the correct log time, but is displayed as Pacific time, so a geocache in (for example) Japan might show a published time one day earlier than it actually was.


I haven't looked into it in detail, but it might be possible to reset the date to your local system clock's using a Greasemonkey script. Prime Suspect's GC Log Maximizer sets the date to the system date when you click on the calendar icon next to the date field (I just tested by setting my system date to 3 days in the future and it picked it up). It'll be interesting to see if this can be done automatically for the first log entry of the day without you having to click on anything.

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