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Some help for a BM beginner


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I am relatively new to benchmarking. I have found a couple in my home area of TN and they have mostly been at courthouses. What I need help with is that there is a benchmark near the Courthouse in Livingston, TN and it is stamped S 77 1935. Here is a picture of the BM...




the pic is not mine but I have seen this mark so I know exactly where it is...Coordinates of N 36 22.989 W 085 19.341 are pretty spot on. As I said it is just off the square in Livingston but if you search for S 77 in TN then it lists this as being 2.2 miles south of Byrdstown which is in the next county north of Livingston/Overton County. So my question is...Is the physical mark the one that should be in Byrdstown or is there another explanation?


Again I am new to this and any help would be appreciated.

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The NGS data sheet for GB1353 'S 77' says in Pickett Co, SW of Byrdstown, monumented and stamped in 1935, and recovered (Poor condition) 1961. SCALED (not very accurate) coordinates are given as N 36 34 03 W085 09 53 (N 36° 34.050 W 085° 09.867). There is no GC log for it.


What is the PID for one in Hendricks Co?


The picture you posted is from a log for GB1662 'LIVINGSTON' near the coordinates you gave, and I read the stamping as 1935. My guess is that they just mixed up where to post which picture. Go to the courthouse and see for yourself what is stamped on the disk.

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Thanks for the replies. I have been to the courthouse...several times...and that is the only benchmark that I or another geocaching friend have been able to find. It says S 77 1935 just like in the picture. The original benchmark at Livingston...GB1662 is nowhere to be found. The benchmark that I found does not match up with the description for GB1662 as that description would put it just a few feet from one of the entrances to the courthouse and the one I found is across the street.

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GB1662 LIVINGSTON is supposed to be on the courthouse steps. You say you found this one across the street, so with wrong stamping and wrong location both, it is NOT GB1662 and the log with the picture is adding confusion by claiming this as a find. If they want to post the picture, it should be with a note or a NF of LIVINGSTON and clearly labeled "different disk found nearby".


Tell us more about the setting of the one in the picture. Is the concrete it is in conceivably as old as 1935 or is it in a newer building or sidewalk?


Can you go see if GB1353 is still in place? Weirder things have happened than someone finding GB1353 loose (It was 'POOR' in 1961), bringing it back as a souvenir, and putting it in a new sidewalk.

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The setting of the mark in the picture...Well I was surprised to find it in the first place because it is just outside of a newly constructed library. The old building was demolished and the new library put in its place and I am nearly certain they poured new sidewalks around the building including where the mark is located. But when the first log for GB1662 was made in 2005 the old building was still in place so it is conceivable that the sidewalk around it had been there for sometime but I cannot say for sure. I will try to do some investigating and find out...I am an aquaintance of the county historian but I do not know if he would know anything about benchmarks.

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