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Downloaded Map Problems


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Me again,Ok I managed to download maps from recomended sites pasted onto SD card inserted SD card and nothing.Can anybody please give me an idiots guide on how to get them to work.Thanks

It'll help to know GPS Brand/Model and where you are downloading from to get them to your SD card.


in this case, more info is better.

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If you a refering to maps for a Garmin GPSr; you need to instal the mapsets into MapSource, then build the gmapsupp.img file which gets put in the Garmin folder on a Garmin GPSr.


yup. what he said.


i have a legend HCx and micro sd card. once you have the maps loaded and/or installed on your pc (like topo or ibycus) you just put your microsd card in your GPS and upload them using mapsource.


i have a 2GB micro card and i load on a few maps onto the card using Mapsource, higlight a few maps and areas and then select upload to GPS. bingo, they are all there. but remember to do them all at the same time, otherwise it only uploads the 1 map and overrided the sd card. and if you forget to put one on or what to add addtional maps to your card, you have to select all the maps you want all over again, so it's a good idea to "save" in mapsource, so you have your favorite maps there in case you want to readd them to your card.

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corgikev, I saw from your other thread that you are using an Oregon 200. Garmin added a very nice feature with one of the software updates to the Oregon series. You no longer have to install all of your maps when you want to add an additional map. Be sure to update your Oregon with the latest software (3.15 beta). The Oregon will recognize any .img file either on the memory card or unit's internal memory... no longer has to be just gmapbmap.img, gmapprom.img, or gmapsupp.img.


Ex. load City Navigator maps and change file name from gmapsupp.img to CN.img. Next load Topo maps and change gmapsupp.img file to Topo.img. Next load Inland Lakes and change the gmapsupp.img file to Inland Lakes.img. Continue: Colorado Topo and change file name... Colorado Topo.img; load Custom Maps and change file name... Custom Maps.img and continue with as many as you want.


Now when you want to add a new map it will be loaded as gmapsupp.img no longer getting rid of any of your existing maps, a big time saver if your putting a lot of maps on your memory card or in internal memory and later decide to add or delete a map. Procedure works the same for both memory locations.

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ok, i am in the same boat......


i have an Oregon 400t. Updated software to current release. Put Ibycus maps onto SD card using MapInstall (I'm on a Mac). Went to Setup/map/map info. Only the preloaded map shows up. Am I doing something wrong, or is the map on the SD card overlaying the basemap?


Also, if I get a routable street map will it overwrite the topo map?

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