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  1. Compass is nice but you'll have to calibrate it regulary. Other reason is the altimeter (if you need one) and the fact that you save only 50$ if you buy a 200 (in our country).
  2. Same as Knight2000... Had my Oregon 300 for 3 or 4 months and it works like a charm with the new 3.15 firmware. Sat. lock is really fast (it can't even compare to my old Magellan) and accuracy really improved with the latest firmware although it was accurate before the upgrade.
  3. I had a problem with my device (Oregon) make sure that you don't have any magnets near the device. Yes it sounds simple but I didn't know that I had a carrying case with a magnet to close it and that gave me a lot of problems.
  4. Warning: This procedure will delete information (waypoints, routes, tracks, etc) from your GPS and settings may be set back to factory defaults. 1. Power the unit OFF 2. Hold down the two Soft Keys for 2 seconds 3. While continuing to hold the 2 Soft Keys down, press and hold down the Power button for an additional 5 seconds 4. Release all buttons, and select YES to the prompt asking "if you want to clear all user data?" This form of reset does not seem to reset all of the settings to factory defaults, just a few of the basics like Time Zone and Language, the remainder of the settings are still taken from your existing profile files. Once you have completed a reset remember to place the Colorado outside in a stationary position for 20 minutes in plain view of the sky so that it can rebuild the almanac before using it again. Note: Holding down both soft keys and the select button in a similar fashion seems to do a similar reset to the Colorado. This may be a master reset that will also reset the profiles back to the default -- needs further testing.
  5. Note that maps have to go into Garmin folder. I once forgot that and needed an hour to figure out what I was doing wrong.
  6. Thanks. I wanted to use that word but I couldn't remember it let alone spell it.
  7. No there isn't. GC code is given to you when you create a cache and it's random. dadgum! I didn't type fast enough.
  8. You wanted to say.... With one GPS a man knows where he is. With two, you're all over the place running like a headless chicken. Back on topic: You can't compare devices in the basement. Go outside and then check both devices.
  9. Don't format your unit because you could have some problems. But I did have problems with my memory card. A format to FAT32 solved my problem.
  10. The post does sound a little odd (or demanding) but I do agree with it. Just so we get things clear.... I'm not from America or England in fact I don't even live near a country that speaks English but I would like to see more caches in English. The cachers in our country publish descriptions in our native language and in English (mosty... there are always a few exceptions) because it's easier for people that travel to our country in search of caches. I recently traveled to Prague and had to edit a whole bunch of caches just because 11 of them were in english and the rest were in Check (which I barely understand) so it would be nice to have another language as an option because google translate was barely usefull. I do agree that it shouldn't be a requirement but it's a good way to help tourists. Maybe some people could volunteer and translate the caches or something similar?
  11. Did you try this test page? http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/test/ It should work on geocaching if the communicator is detected here.
  12. +1 to kunarion. And I just want to add that I don't have any html problems but I do use GSAK so maybe it cleans the code.
  13. You need to recalibrate the compass after every battery change. And don't carry your GPS in a bag that has a magnet to close it. I used a bag from my old SE p910 and the compass gave me a lot of trouble. Then I noticed that it's because of the magnet that was ment to close the bag. It messed with my compass.
  14. No. Because the owners friends would give it high ratings and that's what knowschad is trying to explain to you. I have two caches (so far) one very easy and you can find it under 2 minutes and one a little tougher. Which cache would be rated highest? The one that gets more visitors is the answer. And (as posted in another topic) you'll always get people that will just rate with the middle ratings (2.5 or 3). So even if you get a 100 finds and 50% of them gives you 5 stars can you count on the other 50 and on all DNF's to rate apropriately because I can guarantee you that some of the cachers will just give you a one star if they don't find the cache or they'll make some sock puppets and rate with them.
  15. I have already writen my opinion in another post so i'll just post a link because i'm feeling lazy. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4014067
  16. Man I've just made three more cache containers that are waiting for me to hide them just because of your post. Now I just have to find a nice place...
  17. I say no. You can't wote for a cache because it's too subjective. I found 2 out of 30 caches in Prague that were great. Others were just ok. They were all in a nice hiding place and on nice places but only 2 were something special. So who is wrong? Me or the cachers from Prague that love those caches. How many stars would you give to such a cache. That simply wouldn't work. You'd need a lot of other atributes to just rate a cache but even then you'd get some haters that would just give a 1 star rating to the cacher they don't like and that means that a cache that had 2 raters one great and one bad would become a 3 star cache that no one would even bother to search and again the cacher who has a lot of friends would put up a LPC that would have 5 stars (that would be later rated one star and would have a 3 star rating). Rating is ok but you'd need a lot of other atributes and you would have to be able to rate only when you post a found it log. But again some people just copy/paste logs so how would they rate a cache that they may not even remember? To answer they would probably use the middle rating (that's what I would do). And again you'd have a lot of 3* caches and you're back on square one. Just my 2 €. Edit: I have checked the GCVote website. The cache number GCPZ0J that's on the screenshots (on the linked page) has a 3.7 star rating and that kind of proves my point.
  18. You do have a [view/edit logs/images] link and you can view/edit/link_to_a_forum log there. Or do you simply want a preview of the edited log?
  19. I don't even want to know why you need a gazilion caches in your device but the best thing would be to use the phone and geocaching live as some posters above noted because no file manager in the world will save you if you have 11 files (and more in a few years) that you need to switch.
  20. I don't have to do that on my Oregon. But I do have to calibrate it a lot (I just recently found out that the pouch which contained my device had a magnet inside and that messed up my compass every time).
  21. Yes. That's exactly the thing I see on my maps so map redraw speed is the same on my device (I can't see any difference).
  22. I know what you mean (I have the exact same setup) and I didn't have that problem in 3.01. I guess that some devices worked and some had this problem you mention.
  23. I didn't have any problems with spanner so maybe I'll just install it because of the compass and redraw speeds. But thanks for the info about changes. EDIT: I haven't noticed any improvements in map redraw speed so maybe they already had that in 3.01.
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