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Best software for merging Garmin .IMG files ?

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As per title. Freeware preferred.


Mapupload has been good in the past but seems not to cope with larger images (attempting to merge metroguide maps for whole of europe onto gb topo maps purchased on memory card) : completes but resultant image is not the sum of the two.



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I was looking for something here also. I found a load of .img files on a Maps of Mexico for gps site and downloaded several to joining into the map of a specific state. Finding this software looked like an answer to my prayer, but I don't seem to get it to work.


I've joined 4 tiles (each of 1 degree Long an Lat_ into a single file, but I can't get Basecamp to recognise either it or the individual img files.


I suspect there is something else I either need or need to do..


Can anyone help me here?

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Just one more question, though. I see in the software which installs the .img file, there is also an uninstal button. I have tested the facility with some small test files that I now wnat to remove. But when I use this, I get a message saying that the files cannot be removed.

Any tips on this, or do I just live with it?

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MSTK "installs" imgs by adding some entries to the regestry and creating a couple of files. Uninstall removes the entries from the regestry but does not delete any files. You have to do that yourself.


If you update your imgs, you need to uninstall the mapset and then reinstall it. If you don't you can get a message that says something like the mapset requires 2 megs but you only have 1 gig free when you try to send the imgs to your GPS.

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Any updates on doing this?


Ideally mac specific, though I could get hold of a Windows machine.


Ideally what I want to do is install all my purchased maps as supplied on micro SD cards to one SD card.


Doing a bit of a world tour in the coming months and yes, I can just carry the individual cards for each country, but combining all img files and putting on to one 32gb SD card makes life just that bit easier

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