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Home co-ords


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I tried changing my 'home co-ords' last night and they just reverted back to the origonal ones.


I have changed them before, not because I have moved just to make them more accrute as I can't get a GPS signal at home.


Straingly though I can get a signal with my new Bluetooth GPS and was trying to update the co-ords, not that I need to in reality.


Question is this just me?

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Why can't it be like it was before where we could add coordinates in separate boxes like when making PQ's or use the box(for zip or city name) or the map pointer?


Btw, I was having the same issue as the OP while tweeking my home coords but just gave up. I didn't notice if I was getting an error like Blue Duece mentioned or not. I'll have to try it again later this weekend.

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