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  1. The poster's question was answered within the first few posts so the topic is being closed.
  2. I don't see evidence of any other cache that has ever been less than 0.23 mile from the location you described. There could be a cache there that is listed on another listing service, or someone may have placed a cache there and decided to leave the physical cache and use the cache page for a hide somewhere else - just a wild guess.
  3. I have sent an email to the cache owner suggesting that this forum posting be read. -Brad
  4. I was about to move this to the UK forums as someone suggested and am happy to see that the issue is now resolved. I'll close this topic instead of moving it.
  5. The posts have been moved into the correct topic.
  6. The question was asked and answered and the OP has asked that the topic be closed.
  7. The original poster says the answer has been received and has asked that the topic be closed.
  8. Images such as this Ok? (It probably would not have hurt anything to go ahead and close this elitist menace of a thread.) I'm not that sensitive, especially since I have lost a whole lot of hair since someone grabbed that photo of me. An occasional joke that is not over the top in bad taste is not a big issue but the persistent sniping takes others off the intended topic and defeats the purpose of having a Geocaching Topics forum.
  9. This topic is being closed due to persistent interpersonal bickering in lieu of productive conversation.
  10. Well, since this was reported I have read through it. The topic is Premium Member Only caches are elitist!. Please keep the focus on Premium Member Only caches and stop nit picking other people. If someone disagrees with a statement, focus the disagreement on the statement, not the person posting. Continued interpersonal bickering will cause the topic to be closed. Thank you.
  11. It looks like the topic of "Religious Proselytising in Caches" has been exhausted and the discussion has moved on to the religious beliefs of individuals and critiques of individuals who place certain items into caches. I don't see the discussion returning to the posted topic, so I am closing it.
  12. I didn't get an email, but I will be glad to close it for you.
  13. This has gone far enough. Removing post suggesting unethical behavior and closing.
  14. Maybe the original topic Religious Proselytising in Caches has been exhausted, but in case it has not, we can leave the topic open for a while. There have been a number of reports on this thread going off topic, so if you would like to keep it open please post appropriately. Thank you.
  15. Closing as requested.
  16. Sorry to be late to the party, knowschad. I would love to know how to keep a thread on topic, and until I find that magic wand I'm afraid I will have to honor your alternate request and close the thread. PS. I have never received a blank log nor have I placed one - except when making a chubby finger mistake.
  17. I am very sorry for asking an off-topic question on your off-topic post, and to make it worse, use the word why. I do not understand why we should avoid the word why. Typically when I use this word I use it because I want to understand what other people are saying. In my opinion, trying to understand each other (that does not imply to have the same opinion) is something very important. Maybe I misunderstood, however, the ellipsis you used. Cezanne BTW: In order to reply to some other off-topic comments not made by you without disturbing the normal flow of this thread with an additional posting: I am neither from Germany nor am I German. Moreover, as you said, my opinion is just representative for myself and not for any type of group. Responding to cezanne via PM.
  18. Great post, Neos2! Thank you. I want to add that maintaining a productive forum discussion requires keeping it from becoming personal. Please avoid using comments like "you said" as that tends to make the discussion about persons rather than about ideas or comments. Also please avoid responding with "why..." as that tends to put others on the defensive. Agree to disagree on points and then move on. It is not necessary to press others to change their opinion. Try saying "I understand what was said and I see it this way" instead of insisting that the other person's opinion is wrong. And finally, do not stereotype groups or nations by referencing a comment from an individual as being from the Germans, the Californians or whatever. Everyone here is an individual and no one has been designated as the spokesperson for their country, their race, their religion or whatever. Thank you.
  19. This topic is not proving to be helpful to the geocaching community and is being closed.
  20. This discussion has wandered far from the original topic so I am closing it.
  21. It looks like the opening poster has had a full opportunity to express his views and suggestions and has received the full benefit of community responses. Since the topic has turned argumentative and remained so for a page or so, it is no longer helpful to the community. I am closing it. -Brad Signal's Apprentice
  22. Closing topic; project is completed.
  23. I have removed three posts in which a competitive cache listing service was mentioned. Please do not discuss other cache listing services here. Thank you.
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