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Problem printing cache page


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When I print out the cache page everything is there except the coordinates. I log in then I bring up the cache page I want and click on "no logs". The page comes up to be printed and everything including the coordinates are on the page. I click on print and a preview comes up and the coordinates are missing. Click on print and you get everything except the coordinates. [:cool:] I have never had this problem before. This only happend when you were not logged in.

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I believe it is something to do with the page size.

All it takes to fix (this is back when I printed pages) I would use print preview and if needed changes zoom size usually to 85% and all would fit on the page.


This is also a good way to fit a large multi cache page onto one page just by zooming down to around 60%, this lets you fit 2 pages onto one and thus saves paper.

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