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I must be Nuts - Sale

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I must be nuts, but I need to get rid of these coins and pay my rent, so....


The following Artist Edition Coins are available ...$3.50 shipping in the US for first coin, $.75 for each additional, if you live outside the US contact me for a shipping quote. WicksWorksDesign@gmail.com is the BEST way to get a hold of me. ALL coins ARE trackable


$21.00 for the 3 coins Lizard Lizard Lizard set - LAST ONE

$18.00 for the SET - Riddle oh the Sphinx (2 coins matching tracking codes)


$12.00 EACH:

Sailboat Flip Flops

Stars & Stripes Flip Flops


$10.00 EACH

Mardis Gras Pinwheels

Patriotic Pinwheels

(AC) Chinese Fan (2)

(AC) Japanese Fan (2)

911 Apple

2008 Nutcracker


$7.00 each

(AS) Chinese Fan (4)

(BN) Japanese Fan (2)

(G) Cachepilla (1)

GW5 Red tie dye T (1)

GW5 Pink Tie Dye T (1)

MWGB 2006 AE Pink & Turquoise Tie Dye T (2)

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Thanks for all the replies! the Lizards are gone now, but I have everything else still. I've had a lot of people ask me which coins these are so here are some pics...


The Sphinx set is the Full Moon version - it glows!





The Sailboat Flip Flops are the 2009 beach version




The Stars and stripes is NOT the red white and blue version, it's VERY colorful & fun!



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