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  1. 11 years, 26,218 miles. Was last seen in September in a cache that is now disabled. https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2314275 What the longest or farthest a coin in the wild has traveled?
  2. For got to add: On a real one the compass part would not be loose. The sundial would be, so you can spin it to point north and there would be a cap/cover to protect it in your pocket.
  3. I've got the LE version. It's a replica of a pocket sundial to tell time with. The needle should spin. In the real thing the working compass used to make sure that the point of the sundial's gnomon (wing/fin) is aimed north then the shadow of the dial tells the time. When held level a Pocket sundial will be accurate at a particular latitude. Change the angle to adjust to a different lat. So point the fin north and see what time it is. It's pretty accurate for me. I just need to hold at a slight angle to adjust for my lat. Even if you glued it together I don't think this would travel to far before being swiped.
  4. Congrats! they will all make very pretty coins. Thanks for the contest, since I can't draw it was prefect for me! Thanks again.
  5. Still no joy here, how long should I wait before getting concerned that it was lost?
  6. I've got lots of idea but no skills. Can't wait to see what you do for the icon.
  7. I to I'm very impressed with your art work. Please let us know how things progress during the process as myself and all the others on here who have not minted a coin yet can learn from it. I also would be very interested in purchasing a coin.
  8. When trying to decide on doing do business with someone if I get one person who says don't do it. I still have no idea if it's a good idea. Now if I get one person who says don't do it but get 20 say do it, then I'm likely to do it. But on the other had if one says do it and 20 say don't, then I probably wont. So yes I value the opinion vote count, pro or con the more the better. And you example is very wrong. If you saw someone breaking in, the Police would most definitely want you to come out, so they could take your statement, thus giving the court system more information on which to base a decision. And yes I did smile at the 20%
  9. Please pre-order 200 and get your 20% off. That way I'll be able to buy one at the same price after they are made. Did you notice everybody said great coin and they'd buy one, once it's made? What they said is they would not pre-order and especially not pre-order and pay more than the regular price for the pre-order. I'm a sarcastic Ba****d and enjoy doing it, but when people start out friendly and give good constructive criticism, replying in a sarcastic manor is not a great idea.
  10. They all seem like great goals especially since you say just move if can't help it's goal. I've always tried to set goals that did not limit a TB or coin from traveling and these all fit that also. I've moved a TB here in the States that wanted to visit every State and it had a little check-off list included so you could see where it had already been before you picked it up. It seemed like a neat idea and I was happy to move it in the right direction for the next state. Maybe you could do one to visit all Canadian provinces, I think that's what you call them.
  11. Yes that would be cool. If you read through the sticky at the top about GC rules for geocoins you'll see that you can buy just codes that you could then engrave into your coin. I think some of the bigger coins companies might sell you a lower number of code than GC requires directly.
  12. Thanks for the cointest this will be fun. Made my first pick. It had to be the Bears over the Pack!
  13. :) A classic oldie but still very relevant, great post!
  14. I sell big ticket items for a living my last sale was for 2 mil, to bad I'm not on commission. In sales perception means everything and reality counts for very little. The buyer will have a perceived feeling about the seller this is the number one driver in the sale, unless. The perceived value for the price is good enough to over-ride perception number one. People by from People Company's and good sales people go to great lengths and expense to protect and enhance their names perception in the market. How you respond to criticism and even attackers is part of what builds your reputation. When I go into a sales meeting there will be friendlies, there will be detractors and even attackers. How I respond and handle the attacks has a great influence on the real buyers who are usually just observing. They way you have responded to a few critics has influenced hundreds of possible customers. Your dead wrong about this community. There are several current threads from new members who are designing new coins and the post have nothing but positive posts Like: can't wait for the sale, your mint art work is great. Quite teasing us show full shots of the mint samples. Good coins from new players and designers sell-out within minutes, once they are ready and photos are seen. Cutting off this group is a really bad business decision. This is your largest demographic of possible customers. Its too bad really, I like the art work and would have purchased several when they were ready. Since you haven't posted mint art work for your other coin it's doubtful that it's in production, that's a perception it has nothing to do with reality, but a great deal to due with your ability to sell me anything!
  15. I appreciate your comment defiantly something new. But my situation is I already have collected some funds of my own and I need some more to have enough for my production. And my other coin is in production right now and I will be selling those without any presale since everybody is so scared about it. I did read some book for the presale before I have started it but hey every person have a different opinion. And about my attitude I wasn’t trying to be mean. I just have a great sense of humor that’s all. If I hurt anybodies feelings though “Sorry”! I'd suggest you post the mint's art work for your coin in production. Are they sending you samples before final mintng or are you going straight to final run?
  16. Since you seem to hung up on the same people posting I'll give it a go. I'm very new here have only been into coins for about 2 months. It's obvious you didn't read through the sticky posts on trade and vendor issues or you would know the horror stories people reference. Your coin looks great but even as a newbie I wonder what the mint's version of a makable coin will look like. I've pre-ordered with payment and I've pre-ordered on reservation where money is paid when coin is shipped. The paid in advance only go to large established businesses that I see very active in the community including donating and sponsoring events, even taking part in them. Your logic is very wrong about a pre-sale. I would not expect the same coin I pre-ordered to be sold for less latter. I'd expect it to ether be sold-out and never minted again or sold for more after the pre-sale. If you can't afford the grand to two grand for the coin then look into the big coin producers many of them will take on the financial burden of creating a good design and give you several for your own use including an AE version that only goes to you. You'll not get a lot of people here to jump on your pre-sale especially with the attitude you've displayed in your response. If you read through any of the new coin, new designer threads you'll see that it can take a lot longer to get your first coin out than 3 months. Several people took a year.
  17. Alright this will be fun! I'm playing with modifying my draft list now. How long until the draft? Do we have the option to over-ride the computers choice during the draft like you do in a test mock-draft?
  18. I'd love to get in on this, please sign me up.
  19. You need to save as 24 bit colors and then re-open.
  20. Thanks for the new template! updated mine using this template. Base Metal is Polished Black Nickel Light yellow = Glow Color #5 Green = Glitter Color KT35054 or Pantone 339C Orange = Pantone Orange 21C Brownish orange = Pantone 1525C
  21. I really like polished Black Nickel, glitter and glow. So here's all those together or replace Gliter with Pantone 339C. Base Metal is Polished Black Nickel Light yellow = Glow Color #5 Green = Glitter Color KT35054 or Pantone 339C Orange = Pantone Orange 21C Brownish orange = Pantone 1525C Thanks for letting us Play this was fun Edited to use better template and correct wrong Pantone number.
  22. There's a solution. Use google to search this site and you don' have the limit. Go to google type in what you want to search for then add site:forums.Groundspeak.com to the end of your search text. This will instruct google to only look here for the hits.
  23. I'm thankful for the men and women who put themselves in harms way to help others. A few months back my son was home on leave and we were having a few beers with a buddy of mine who is a firemen/paramedic. My son is an aviations mechanic and could have stayed relatively safe on an airbase in Iraq but volunteered and became a combat life saver on forward operations. The two of them started to talk shop swapping stories of what they seen and done. It wasn't until then that I got a real appreciation for the type of person my friend is and my son has become. Whether it's the firemen who rushes into a burning building to rescue someone, the paramedic who endures harsh and dangers conditions while trying to keep some alive or the combat medics and live savers. These people do this for about the same pay as a manager of a retail store. I'm very thankful that these kind of people exist in our world. Go out of your way and do something kind for a stranger in their honor.
  24. Me too!! :D I've never owned a single one, so I'll take a free one if somebody would be kind enough to send it my way. Matter of fact, I'll take a couple dozen or so. Astrodav, send me your address , I'll send you a coin, you'll need to pay it forward in the future.
  25. I recently signed up for the club. But only at the 1 coin level. Now I realized I need to up my subscription to a higher level. Anyway I just got my first coin, the July coin. It's a great coin and would be a perfect gift for a newbie I got hooked on caching last month. I like the coin so much I can't part with my copy so does anybody have an extra they can sell or trade?
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