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On July 5, I found GCTBCH and took a geocoin from the cache with the intention of dropping it off in another state. A few caches later, I decided that I probably woldn't have time to drop it for a while, so i placed it in the next cache I found, which was GC73AB.

However, when i got home to log the geocoin, I couldn't find the geocoin on this site... it wasn't listed as being in the cache's inventory (GCTBCH) and when i searched for it's name, nothing came up.

I wrote down the name of the coin as "Team Smartass" and i put down the only code on the coin, which was "9720274"


I've search with all the info i have and it keeps saying that nothing matches my search... Help please???]


EDIT: sorry if this is in the wrong section, i haven't used this forum before.

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