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Auto-routing...some GPSers and Map products can automatically calculate and display turn-by-turn routes to get you from point A to B. Some will tell you when you got off-course and try to get you back on-course, or recalculate if you decide to go a different way. Both the GPS and Map product need to support this function. I wouldn't say it's "needed" as I like to wander around sometimes, but it sure is nice! Hope this helps.

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Above posters correct. I've never seen a trail map that would offer auto routing. Heck, I can't even find any trail maps for my area to overlay on my built in maps.


However Autorouting and a compatible (called routable) map for your handheld can help you when driving/biking from cache location to location saving time in unfamiliar areas.


It also makes your GPSr more of a multi use tool - I use my Oregon for caching, hiking and driving with no need to have $$ tied up in a 2nd device for driving.

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