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Nano's, Nano's and more Nano's


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I exploded on my weekend. I placed 9 caches in the city, one is not published yet as I want to move it about 25 meters to a slighty better location but is being delayed by bad timing on my part! I have one more location to hide a cache in the city and one outside the city that I plan to redux. <_< Not bad for thinking I could not find any places for more hides. I am eyeing a couple other spots too. :)

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Got to a few of them today - I was amazed - they'd only been published for 2 odd days and I was finder number 5!!!! This is better than South africa where if you didn't get there by an hour after publishing - you were not going to get a FTF.


Well done pseacraft - and one to you too G-armi-N - excellent work.


I want to place a regular this week too.

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I have about 3 or 4 more to go, hopefully on Tuesday. Sadly Viga's has been muggled already!


It is good to be an evil nano hider! Scary part is that about half the caches in the city are mine!


Welcome back by the way...


Thanks for the welcome.


It's excellent that you have so many city caches - means the rest of us need to catch up.


Like Cincol having well over 50% of qatar caches (nationally!) - and me having 100% of Rwandan caches (not hard to do :blink: )


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