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The order of pictures in a cache log

Viajero Perdido
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Okay, this has been annoying me for a while.


It used to be, when you added pictures to a cache log, the pictures would be listed in the order that you added them. This was great; you could tell a story with the pictures if you were careful about the order when uploading.


For the last few months at least, they've been displayed in random order. Not so good.


Now I see they're in *reverse* order, perfect reverse order, on a couple of caches I just checked.


You're almost there! Could you please flip it back to normal chronological order, first to last? Thanks.


Don't make me resort to just using text to tell a story.

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I’d like to make two suggestions about uploading pictures:


1) I suggest it’s better (ie more logical) to sort the pictures in the gallery according the date taken. In that way it would be possible to see the pictures in the gallery on a chronological way.

[Now the pictures are sorted the way they are uploaded, as far as I found out. So not always a useful order, in my opinion.]


2) I realised that the date one uploads a picture is automatically used as the date the picture is taken. In my opinion it would be much more logic & easy to change that and automatically insert the date of the log instead.


When I found out about that discrepancy, I changed many pictures’ taking dates manually. Bit of a dull work to do… ;-)

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