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### Finds geocoins and non-traveling coins

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On my very first cache I picked up a 500 Finds geocoin. Once someone finds 100 or 500 or whatever caches, where does that coin come from?


Also, do people ever put geocoins in caches that are not traveling coins? I'd really like to collect geocoins, but I don't want to just go buy them - that isn't any fun - I'd like to actually find them. However, so far all the ones I've found have to be passed on. I want to find one I can keep!


Also, if you send a coin (or any TB) out into the world, how do you get it back eventually?




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Finding non-trackable coins in a cache is just a matter of blind dumb luck. Since they are non-trackable they won't show as inventory on the cache page.


I suppose you could place a watch on caches near your home coords and watch the logs for when someone reports dropping a coin. Then you could run to get it before anyone else.


Just remember if it shows in the inventory...it's trackable.


Good luck :mad:

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Much as I would like to, I have never found an unactivated coin in the wild. Most of the ones out there are there to travel. But no problem, I like moving travelers, and often buy geocoins to put out traveling. Even if you think they are not activated, I bet they are -- either they didn't get added to the inventory, or the number was hard to read and maybe was not quite right when you typed it in. Unactivated coins in caches are usually either FTF prizes, or were put there for a specific finder.


Glad to hear you are not ADDICTED to buying geocoins. Because it might not sound like fun now, but once you start, you can't stop :mad: . Many days rushing home to see if there is a package in the mailbox - a cache of a different sort. Then your collection will grow and you can consider trading.


Good luck on your caches, and may you enjoy the coins that you come across!!

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