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Photo uploading to EC.org ?

Granitic Intrusions

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Just wondering if anyone could explain how to upload a couple photos to EC.org when developing a new earthcache ?

When I try to upload the images ... it says "your html code is below" but the page is blank.

Have been trying for days now and it is always the same thing.

I always get the same thing so I gave up a lot of ECs ago. What we do is place something like" (place such and such photo here) on the submission and when the EC is adopted, add the photos then. I would also be interested in how to make it work. :laughing:

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I've found it works better in some browsers than others. I usually use Firefox and I can almost always get the first image to load. I have had trouble adding additional images. When that happens, I just load them to one of my archived cache pages and use the code from there --or put in a place holder and add them later.


I could not get it to work when I had dial-up service.

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