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  1. Thank you much for the info. Turns out it was easy enough to add the images once the cache was published in my name. Thanks again !
  2. Just wondering if anyone could explain how to upload a couple photos to EC.org when developing a new earthcache ? When I try to upload the images ... it says "your html code is below" but the page is blank. Have been trying for days now and it is always the same thing.
  3. Hello .... Coords for the base lodge (and large parking lots) are N 49' 06.143 W 117' 49.193 We just left Red Mountain Resort an hour ago after an amazing day in the powder. /Red Mountain Resort Are you planning a visit ? Thanks Kootenay Pirates and Landsharkz for alerting us.
  4. YAHOO... We ordered 10 . As Kootenay cachers we have been waiting a long time for these. We will be releasing some into Kootenay caches. Thanks Kootenay Pirates !
  5. Ordered/paid through the website. Thanks !
  6. I did not get an invoice. Should I just go to the site and order/pay for my 3 coins Thanks.
  7. Ordered one gold and one silver . Great ! Love the national coins THANKS
  8. Just sent email for two skirtlifter coins THANKS !!!!!
  9. Will Canadian invoices be sent out today
  10. I love the compass ! Can't wait for the two I have reserved.
  11. We have lots of Australian friends up here in Canada. Would love a couple of those coins .
  12. Sorry ...... just learning how to post. Think I've got it now. Thanks !
  13. I'll take one of each please
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