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Giving a talk on G.C. NEED HELP

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What is the purpose of your talk? Is it to interest people in the sport or is it to explain it to an

environmental organization?


In either event here are some talking points that should be mentioned in any talk:


-the basics of how it works


-Who are gecachers? Families, singles, retired couiples - nearly anyone who has an interest in getting outdoors and discovering new places.


-Types of caches and containers and what can be expected inside.


-A low impact sport


-It introduces people to the special places geocaching takes them and creates a new generation of advocates for these places.


-More and more park systems at all levels of government are embracing the sport and even hiding their

own caches in many instances.


-Provides additional recreationl opportunites at little or no cost the the community.


-Our CITO ethic


Google "geocaching powerpoint" and you'll find several powerpoint presentations that you can dowload

and tailor to your needs. I think the Wisconson geocaching Assn has a very good, but long one that you

will probably need to shorten by quite a bit.


Good luck



Since this isn't a getting started issue I'm noving this over to the general forum where you will get more input I'm sure.

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When I have taught this to teachers in workshops, I like to do a little demo. I'll talk about what it is and what can be taught (geology, geography, math, social studies, etc). Then it's brake time... earlier, I put an ammo can with a log and some snacks in the can. I hide it at the edge of the property very simply (under a low branch tree, behind a rock, etc). We then get a volunteer to run the GPS. I give them the coordinates and have them find the cache as a group. There's a first to find prize in that there's one better snack than the rest (like one large candy bar and a bag of mini's for the group). After we find the cache and pass out the snack for brake, I use the opportunity to talk about why food in a cache is not allowed and also tie this into the CITO concept. We then go back in and go through setting up accounts for those that are interested.

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Bring visuals including a GPS unit or 2, a few typical cache containers, typical cache swag, cache page listings printed etc...


Be prepared to answer questions - even tough ones (abondonded property concerns, geo trash etc)


Offer to demonstrate afterwards - (setup a temp cache for this).


Don't throw in a lot of our terminology (muggle, GPSr, swag etc)


Be sur to mention CITO and other positive aspects - (family outings, seeing new things) etc...


If you use a canned Powerpoint - add a few local photos to make it more relevant.

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