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Garmin Maps Routing Waypoint Pins

Walts Hunting
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I don't recall if this occurred in previous versions but here's my problem I am using Mapsource 6.15.3 and when I do route using the route tool (in both direct and auto) each time I click on a point it leave a little flagged waypoint. I would like it not to do that. I have tried preferences and selecting all of them and seeing if I can change it to nothing but no solution.,


Any suggestions

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Don't use the Route Tool.


I first create the waypoints and select the "City(small)" waypoint symbol - it's a small green circle - and then I use "Edit/New Route" and "Insert Waypoints" to create the route.


No blue flags cluttering the screen in either Mapsource or on my GPS (60CSx). Also, when I transfer the Route to the GPS, I uncheck "Waypoints" and just send the Route. That way you don't have unnecessary waypoints cluttering the screen after you delete the route.



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Took Bob Morphew's suggestion a bit further and made it easier. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Go to Edit|Preverences|Waypoint and change it to the small city green dot. Now all waypoints when initially plotted just have that dot which is not intrusive and fits in nicely.

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Shivia - You don't "trace" the route. Create the waypoints first and then open a blank new route (Ctrl-R or Edit/New Route) and use the "Add Waypoints" button.


Walt - Yes, I have my Preferences/Wapoints set to the green dot and I also check the box "Use these defaults ...." plus use a unique 2 letter prefix for the waypoints in each new route. That way I can upload several routes and the waypoint numbers don't conflict (although Mapsource handles the conflict by renaming duplicate waypoints).



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