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Is it possible to make an account on geocoincollection.com?

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Here is a fuller explanation from 'the other forum' :anibad:


We have received a lot of mail in the last few weeks on the status of our trading gallery. Here's what we can tell you. We have stopped accepting any new members, or renewals to the current gallery. We have done a handful of renewals in the past, set to expire the first part of July. This will give us a "stopping point" from one gallery to the next. The new trading gallery is php based, and resides on another completely separate server than what we are currently running on.


We are hoping to release the new version sometime in June, possibly July. This is all dependent on the programmer, the features we add from this point on, and a few other factors. We decided to not let people renew for a few reasons, but the biggest was to give us a little dead space so we can concentrate on the programming, catching up on the coins we need to add, and as stated earlier, we needed an ending point from one gallery to the next. As of this time, we do not plan on importing the current user lists to the new gallery. Users will need to go through a signup process and make a payment to activate their membership. The new gallery will have new features, and completely new programming. We felt it was easier to start fresh than to work up routines to import current lists. We will update information when we can.


Thank you.



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