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Birmingham Atlas Challenge Cache

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There is word on the street in the wholesale book market is that a load of discounted (2008) Philips Street Atlas's of Birmingham have been released, so they should hits the shops at around 99p to £3. So would this be a good opportunity to organise a Birmingham Atlas Challenge Cache, like the successful DeLorme challenges in the States? There are 61 pages, so it’s a big challenge, but I would be up for it.


I think these challenges are exempt from the new ALR ban, but even if they are not I think it would be worthwhile. What do you think?

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I suppose there are numerous way to organise it. I was thinking…


(1) Place a large cache (like an ammo can) in Birmingham obviously as a traditional. This can be a starting point _ the 'starting cache'. I will be willing to donate 10 Philips Birmingham Atlases (they are small) to go into the cache.


(2) Once you logged a find on this cache, your challenge is to find at least one cache on each page of the Atlas, but only after finding the starting cache. This levels the field, prolific cachers will have to wait for new caches to appear, while less-experienced cachers will have a greater opportunity to make a head start.


(3) When a finder has completed the challenge they post a note on the starting cache like page 1: GCcode, page 2: GCode etc…


(4) The FTF, STF and TTF on the challenge could receive a medal handed out at an Event Cache.


Yes, the CO of the starting cache should be the judge/invigilator. I would like to do it but I'm a relative newbie, and I think it would be better managed and more fun if a group of cachers were involved.

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I think that a genuine, US-style challenge cache would be a cool idea. The whole notion of challenge caches has only jus floated across the Atlantic on the coat-tails of the ALR guideline change and it would be nice to see challenges confirming to the original spirit, as opposed to the pseudo-ALR which some challenges are turning out to be in certain countries.


You could maybe search for "Delorme" in cache titles and contact one or two of the owners of the equivalent US caches to ask what works and what doesn't.

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