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UTM Coordinates

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UTM is Universal Trans Mercator (sp?) system and references the actual topo map and grid coordinates on that map where that spot is.


It is used by the Military as well.


so, the one you gave below would be map 10T E, and the grid reference (6 figure) would be the N and W numbers (although I am unsure why the W coordiante has an extra number in it....



What is a UTM coordinate? How is it different from the main one that is listed on top?


N 47° 40.373 W 122° 20.255 [Other Conversions]

UTM: 10T E 549724 N 5280156


Thanks in advance!


Debbie :D

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If you're trying to make since of the numbers, here's my clift note version. The 10T denotes one of the grid zones of the earth that are 6 degrees longitude wide. The letter tells you where in general you are in relationship to the equator. The Easting number identified by the E of 549724 tells you where you are in relation to a line drawn in the middle of the grid zone slice. This center line is alway 500000, so your point is east of that line by 49724 meters. The northing portion N 5280156 for the northern hemisphere is the number of meters north of the equator. As mentioned in the wiki link, there are issues with crossing gridzones

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