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Need code for Eagle618 Big Lake Alaska

River Cacher
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I have tried everywhere to get this code.


I have contacted Eagle618 and everything to get the code.


They did tell me where to go but it was wrong and Eagle 618 said they where dealing with a lot of medical issues and it was hard to reply to emails.


I hope them the best with there medical issues and the last thing i want to do is bug them.


The coin sleeves has a coins for anything card but they will not or do not have anything to do with codes and will not help me at all.


Coins for anything will not even let me know if they did make it for sure.


Sounds like they just make coins and do not deal with the Geocaching code part at all.


I have posted this under the clearing house thread with no luck so i am posting it here.


Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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If I remember correctly Eagle618 sold this coin and would therefore be responsible for disseminating the activation codes. Have you checked Coincodes? They will host activation codes if asked to do so by the coin's maker/owner.

I have tried coin codes.


I am just hoping someone that got one has the code and it works for all.

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