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What shall i do with my T/b Copy

Labrador Wild Man
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Hi I have about 8 T/B that have gone missing for a long time,i found the copy tag now should i try i find the toys that i used,Inuit doll,little moose ext.


I think that why thay have gone very nice toys?


or how about a laminated phot and the resone on the back of the picture.



looking for some input still like to send them out there.




Labrador Wild Man

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The copy is in case the original goes missing. Don't send it out while the other one is still alive, or you can cause mass confusion. One item per tracking number. The copy is your back up.

If the original is definitely missing (a long long time) then release the copy. But don't delete any of the old logs, you'll take away the credit from the people who moved your bug for you. Just edit the page to reflect the new mission. Leave all logs intact.

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Can I ask how long they have been missing?


I think having a laminated photo of the original is a good idea, and you can explain on the TB page why there is a photo of a toy, which will also explain why you sent out the copy tag.


I recommend waiting at least a year before re-releasing a bug. Looking at his profile there are several that meet that criteria. A couple have been gone for three years.


While it's a good idea to wait, I wish people wouldn't let them sit idle for so long.

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Some have gone in 2006,2007 and was informed that the cache was muggled and contents all over the place


So i have waited and did place logs on the cache to see if it was there and to the last cacher to have see if it is there so discovering is a go idea and the owner of the cache to check it witch a lot do not.


so i have tried.



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