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Weird cache containers

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If you are in the Baltimore area this may spoil a fun cache!!!








I found one yesterday called Humpty Dumpty shaped like, well, a one-foot tall Humpty Dumpty hidden on top of an old rock wall.




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one day i was just walking in the park and what happened was i saw this little square box and i thought it was a time capsule and it was actually 2hillbillies cache! i was like what is this thing and then a neighbor came over and said that it was geocache! i did some research and found this site and logged on and logged my find. I was so exited!

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Some cool ones I have found lately....all home made. All these get favorite votes.


One was about a 4 inch by 10 inch piece of wood, made to look like part of a wooden pier. Only it was just held into a corner of the pier by a magnet. Cache was a 2 inche wide by 6 inch long tube, inside the hollow of the wooden post.


One was inside a beach sign, the post was wooden again, the knot hole in the wood was filled in with another piece of wood, with a nail sticking out of it. When you pulled it out, the cache was attached in a small tube.


The last one was a wooden stake, placed in the ground in the woods. Made to look like a marker for a controlled burn, or something. It even had a little orange tape flag on it. It had been cut across, and inside was the cache in a bison tube.

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