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Cache log counters


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I just noticed that the log counts are off by one (1) - had some new caches published yesterday and all are short my one log entry. Haven't looged if previous caches are also missing counts...


Also, should the "Logged Visits" include icons and counts for each log entry type? Missing that as well - only finds and published entries are showing up.


Finally, noticed the sort order of the logs have changed - used to be oldest would be at the bottom - i.e. 'Published' would always be at the very end - looks like it's only sorting on date, and no longer time.





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Check your entries.


Mine was off once or twice by one...and then I saw that I had selected "Did Not Find" by accident.


Once changed to a "Found It"....Whala, it was accurate again.


Nope - talking about my cache listing - the log summary section above the logs has a counter with each log type. The 'found' counts are short one. Some are also missing other log types, such as notes. Compared to earlier caches, the new listings are missing counts on the summary...



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I see what you're talking about. I also notice that it only seems to be affecting your 4 new caches placed on March 11. Your older ones seem fine. I also checked some new caches in my area and they all have the same issue. I also notice that it is showing the number of reviewer nosts that were entered before the cache was approved. Luckily, the reviewer notes aren't being displayed, but obviously it shouldn't be showing this number at all.




Hopefully it's just a hiccup with the server and the new caches. I guess that's not much help, but at least you know that you're not the only one seeing this issue!

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