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Going back to caches?

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This is probably a silly question, but I didn't see the answer in the FAQ. (How) do you log regular visits to a cache? Should you even visit a cache more than once if you are not the owner?


I see there are several caches along a walking trail I take almost daily with my dog (including the first one I found and already logged), so once I get a GPS system, I'll go hunting. Of course, if and when I find the caches, it would be easy for me to visit again. No point in doing so for micro caches, but it might be interesting to go and check on larger caches regularly, to see log entries in the physical book and what goodies have been left (of course I'd always leave something of equal or greater value if I decide to take something). Is this acceptable or against the etiquette? If it is acceptable to visit a cache several times, do you log a Found It the first time and notes after that, or what?

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Exactly right & a big Way To Go on actually searching for an answer first.


Log a find the first time & only a note for later visits for TB or GC grabs, drops, etc. Some cachers even recommend deleting your note for bug drops after your drop or grab a TB or GC. That lets the bug show in the cache (or removed from), accumulate the miles for its travels and keeps the cache log from getting clogged with notes.

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