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Should I send my Colorado 300 in?

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I have the Colorado 300 with the latest software (2.90). When seeking a cache I will select one, tell the gps to take me to it, into the truck and off we go. All the way to the cache the red arrow that tell me which direction to take to the cache works fine. As soon as we stop and get out of the truck the arrow freezes up. The distance to the cache sometimes works. If I wait 3-5 minutes things may straighten out or I may have to go back to geocaches and re-select the cache. As I approach the cache the distance will count down towards zero then all of a sudden the arrow will reverse direction and I am told I am so many feet away. If I go that way then it'll send me back the other way. This morning while at a cache and talking to Garmin support I would approach the cache, the distance was counting down close to zero when the arrow reversed and said I had to go back 6 feet. I stopped and started walking backwards, after about 20 feet the gps was still showing 6 feet. I have tried compass on and off. This thing is really goofy and the only suggestions I get from Garmin is to send it in. Any sugestions?


Thanks for any and all help :unsure:

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:unsure: I just bought an Oregon 300 and have the same problem with the red compass pointer reversing when I get close to the cache. However, I followed the distance indicator and it went to zero right at the cache. I haven't used the 300 enough to know if this is a constant problem or what I'm doing wrong. I only know it really burns batteries in a hurry.
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Thanks for the suggestions


I deleted my gpx files and did a reset, made sure the compass was off and that lock on road was off. I downloaded one gpx file and went out to it with the same results. That goofy gps literally had me going in circles a good fifty feet from the cache and the gps was telling me it's accuracy was within 10 feet.

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