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I need some advice, ive been wanting to send some travel bugs out for some time. one of them that i wanted to do would be a "memorial" bug to vietnam vets. I had a old m16 pistol grip from vietnam laying around, would this be considered unappropriate to demill it and turn it in to a travel bug? i figure it would give people more of a appriciation of all the troops from vietnam to today who have held one in there hands if they got to feel the same thing.





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Looks fine to me. Just don't release anything you aren't willing to lose.


there not expensive, there about 2 bucks, the bug cost twice as much :unsure:


my big fear was somebody freaking out because it was once attached to a assault rifle, theres to many sheeple out there that may not view it the same way that we do.

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Oh there always something that's going to offend someone. Edgy or somewhat controversial usually aren't a problem. The ones that crossed the line, really crossed the line. Although the guy who wanted to release a realistic fake hand grenade did reconsider before he placed it in a cache.


There are plenty of shell casing TBs, fake dog poop, and the occasional urban legend of cremated remains.


A few more examples....


This is one of my newest TBs that has been getting alot of GREAT Photos


Making the Cut


You do however need to read the logs to understand the photos.





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so how does this look?




i demilled the peice by drilling out the center so it can never be used on a rifle again (im not anti gun i just want my tb to last) i also sodered up the chain and scratched my sn and the name of the tb along with a bunch of random scratches in to the tag so it dosent become somebody necklace. hopefully this one will have a long life

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