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  1. Just my $.02 worth on the latest round of changes... Treat Challenges like benchmarks. Track them but don't include them in the total of caches found (they aren't caches). Remove the "vote up/vote down" vote on challenges (or anything for that matter). This isn't facebook. Cachers vote in the words of their log after they've gone after the cache. If they really like it they make it one of their favorites and others can see that. Seems to me if you don't go after the cache or accept/complete the challenge you should have no vote. Please consider removing all the avatars from the logs. If I want to look at avatars I'll go to this forum. its a a waste of space especially when the most some cachers can muster for a log is a simple acronym. Can't wait to see how that mucks up the view in the browser on my Droid. Go back to exact dates of when a cache was found. "About a month ago" tells me nothing useful. We deal with coordinates down to 10 feet. That's pretty exact. You should get back to doing the same thing in the online logs.
  2. Why have so many of the new "challenges" been archived already? From a search this morning there literally weren't any in California and I know of one cacher here in San Diego who created one and it was up for a while. Today it is gone and he can't even look at it himself. If this is triggered by the "vote up/vote down" then please change your thinking and get rid of that -- this isn't facebook. Cachers vote in the words of their log after they've gone after the cache. If they really like it they make it one of their favorites and others can see that. Seems to me if you don't go after the cache or accept/complete the challenge you should have no vote. And on that topic, please remove all the avatars from the logs. What a waste of space especially when the most some cachers can muster is a simple acronym. Can't wait to see how that mucks up the view in the browser on my Droid. And what's up with this new "about a month ago" time stamp for logs. We deal with coordinates down to 10 feet. That's pretty exact. You should be doing the same thing in the online logs. OK, off the rant box for today. This is my first time not embracing the site changes but this time I just have to ask why any of it?
  3. I've only been using it for about a week so I haven't encountered any problems between it and the site. I think it's a great app. I was turned on to it by another cacher who had both it and the Groundspeak app installed and preferred c:geo. I'm actually thrilled to finally have a phone that gives me a choice of really usable apps. I hope that remains the case.
  4. If there is any violation it would come under the "Access and Interference" section. But given what this app does there must be an SDK that Groundspeak makes available to developers. It's all good as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I just finished two years using the Storm 1 from Verizon with the Trimble app. I never had any problems except when I was in some remote area and couldn't get a signal (my frinds with their AT&T iPhones stopped working much earlier). True, the interface isn't as fancy as the iPhone but it worked like a charm. I recently upgraded to the Droid X and am using the free "c:geo" application. Went out to eastern Colorado last week for Christmas and took a day to go caching. With no cache notes at all I was able to locate and find caches all day long.
  6. I have had Verizon for many years so I just upgraded from a BB Storm to the Droid X. I loaded the free "c:geo" app and it works like a charm. Big screen and fast. I was caching out in the middle of nowhere in easter Colorado. Not sure how well AT&T would have done but Verizon came in loud and clear.
  7. <yawn> Now I remember why I don't come here very often. There's much less drama in actual caching. And, from experience... That's for sure.
  8. OK. So there is no easy way to do it. That was my original question. I'll just continue to log them one at a time with some individual attention as I have for the past 3200+. The really memorable ones do indeed get more attention. Going after 1100 or so later this month over a long weekend. Nothing to be sad about there. They will no doubt all be just a blur by the time I get back home. And no doubt my logs will reflect that. But anyone putting out that many should expect it (but that's for a different thread discussion). Happy caching y'all!
  9. I hate "cut & paste" logs as much as the next guy especially when reading them in the field trying to gleen some clue to help in the search. But I just got back from a weekend long caching blitz with some friends and have several hundred caches to log. A great majority were all placed by the same hider and the cachers were identical to one another. The trip is over and now it's time to log them all. So, is there a way to log them all quickly rather than one at a time or at least with minimum key strokes because anything I say about one will apply to all the rest. And I don't want to just say TFTC like more and more people seem to do these days. I guess with my question I'm being just as lazy. Signed "anonymous"
  10. I used the Geocache Navigator by Trimble on my verizon BB Storm all last year. Worked like a charm. Any time I found myself in a new area I just had it check for nearby caches and it gave me all the information that I would have found had I been looking at the geocaching.com website. Problem was that it was an annual fee of $40 (less a 15% discount for registering at the distributor's forum). This year around renewal time I discovered that if I buy it through the BB App World I can get it for a one time fee of $19.99. And it's specifically for Verizon which Trimble has always said in their adverts doesn't work. It's the same app I used all last year. So now I'm good to go with live caching as long as I have this phone.
  11. I do it often to see where I'm going but something to keep in mind is that those maps can be several years old. I remember once heading out after an FTF and figuring out where I could park since the cache was in the middle of a field according to the google aerial view. When I got there there was a shopping center. Contrary to how it feels sometimes those things don't just pop up overnight. I also remember a time going in circles chasing a compass needle accompanied by a seasoned cacher trying to find a new cache. Then someone else walks right up to it using the google aerial view on their iPhone.
  12. I'm a premium member (just renewed for another year last night as matter of fact). I still see ads under the left side menu. Some are useful but should I be seeing them at all?
  13. Mine looks ok now as well. I'll watch it more closely going forward to keep the Groundspeak web gurus better informed. Thanks for fixing it folks.
  14. Hopefully after the excitement of this big weekend the issue can be addressed again. On my trackable pages the order of logs is reversed, oldest on top, just the opposite of what used to be normal. And the map view is mostly numbered in reverse order but also jumbled. Thanks in advance for looking into it.
  15. It actually refers to the distinct odor of someone who bolted out the door in a mad panic, dripping with perspiration and excitement.. ... and then arrives at the cache location only to find half a dozen other fanatics who all had the same idea and who will all log the find as "Co-FTF".
  16. You might check out link discussing an update. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=238347 But be warned. After the update I can no longer locate the Where I Go icon on my Nuvi 500 menus. Or else I've forgotten where it was? The cartridge is in the right location at least.
  17. I had troubles opening the battery compartment also initially but now it works fine. I think the problem was that I wasn't sliding the catch far enough. Slide it as far as it will physically go (look at it to make sure) and then hook a fingernail under one of the two slots under the cover. Once you've done it you'll never have a problem again. No to go to Garmin check on this update. Glad I posted that rant on their forum.
  18. I was going to suggest the Garmin Nuvi 500. I does everything you listed. My notes: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4094142
  19. I was going to suggest the Garmin Nuvi 500. It is definitely paperless. And totally touch screen. But it does have some issues. I'm going to list these just in case a Garmin rep reads this. 1) If the cache name is too long (haven't tested to find the max length yet) it will shut down the Nuvi when you select it. 2) It has no place to attach a lanyard. That means you carry it all the time and... 3) at least once a caching session I accidently touch the on/off button on the top corner and shut it down. 4) The "save to favorites" is too easy to accidently hit as you move through the screens. 5) It would be nice to be able to have a cache tagged as DNF to not appear in the not found list. I'm not going to look for it a second time in the same outing. 6) It would be nice to be able to delete the GPX files on screen rather than attaching to a PC and using Explorer. Other than those really minor things it works great. I used it exclusively on a trip from San Diego to Mingo and back this last summer. And we just made a caching trip this last weekend to Vegas and back. Only when the cache name was obviously going to be too long did we switch to the phone GPS.
  20. Dang. AT&T has all the cool stuff. First the iPhone and now this. And T-Mobile has the myTouch. When is Verizon going to get something cool?
  21. Does Cacheberry load caches on the fly (find caches near me) or do you have preload them? The Trimble app will find caches near me whereever I am. That's awesome and I can cache anywhere I am. Having to preload is no real benefit over a typical handheld GPS.
  22. I use it with my Verizon BB Storm. I got a 15% discount when I registered at their forum. I did that before buying (subscribing) to the app. It works pretty well but updating as you move along is slow sometimes. And at least every couple weeks I get a message saying I'm not licensed or that the trial period is over. Total BS and very frustrating at times. Apparently they are authenticating each time you launch the app. Anyway, it works for now.
  23. I don't see why not. I've even revisited caches to drop in a bug that was related to the cache name in some way just to help make the history of the bug (or cache) more interesting (at least to me). You don't have to touch the cache page when logging the pick up so there's no concern about double logging the cache.
  24. You can also generate a map here: http://douweosinga.com/projects/visited?region=usa I just edit out the advert code at the bottom. This one allows you to drop in the code from a previous map and update it. That was handy this summer as I worked my way around several states and logged finds daily.
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