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Caching along a route


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When previewing a pq I noticed caches that were no where near .5 from a highway showing up. Upon further inspection, the route made from Google Earth approximated the location of highways and then filtered caches. Is there a way to make this more accurate? Thanks for any input.


Not sure if this will help, but I just figured out how to do something in the "Non Pro" Google Earth version here.


Hope it helps in someway.

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You can also use Google Maps to get a KML for Caches Along a Route. This is handy because Google Maps allows you to click and drag your preferred route.


Here's the method as published on Geocacher University:


Google Maps

Believe it or not, this process is amazingly simple. If you've played around with Google Maps you've probably noticed that you can alter a route simply by clicking and dragging the purple route line to the roads you prefer to travel.


Once you have your route set up to your liking, left click on "Link to this Page" and copy the link provided.

Paste this link into a new browser address bar. At the very end add this text, "&output=kml" with no quotation marks, obviously.

Click "Enter" and you will be prompted to save a file called "maps.kml." Change the name to something useful and upload it like you would any other "Caches Along a Route" file.

Wow...that's easy!

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A cacher on our local boards gave us this really neat trick using Google Maps:


There is a trick you can use to automate this, but it's a little clumsy.


The interesting part is that Google MAPS (not Google Earth) will let you modify the route interactively. If you generate directions in maps.google.com , you can then left-click anywhere on the route and drag that point somewhere else to modify the route. For example, just drag your Torreya route off of I-10 and onto Blountstown highway!


The clumsy part is exporting the modified route as a KML file from Google MAPS. If you look at the top right of the map, you'll see a link called [Link to this Page]. The trick is


* Left-click on [Link to this Page]

* copy the text with the URL in the first field (called "Paste link in email or IM) with "Cntl-C"

* paste that text somewhere (probably in a new browser window)

* add the following to the end of the text: &output=kml

* open a link to that new URL (with the &output=kml at the end of the address) and you should get options about either opening it with Google Earth, or saving it on your computer. From there, proceed to use the KML file of the modified route in the usual way to make a "Caches on a Route" query.



This was posted larst year.

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