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  1. I do not own an iPad, but I suspect this is possible. (This may be a puzzle in itself, but it sounds like you enjoy that sort of thing). A quick search revealed that you can enable a "Develop" menu for Safari that allows "View Source". From there, you could likely view the background image. Also, there are other browsers available for the iPad so don't limit yourself to Safari if it is not serving your needs.
  2. 1) Premium Members can build queries as you have described on geocaching.com 2) Think "map and compass" rather than "compass". In general, you'll need a: Map Compass Method of measuring distance The compass is only good for bearing (direction). A quality map is a necessity as it will have the coordinate system built-in. A UTM grid on transparency is a good technique for improving precision. You'll overlay this on your map. It will also be helpful to have a good understanding of various coordinate systems (specifically Latitude/Longitude and UTM). Estimating/measuring distance is also a key component. This can be as simple as knowing your pace. It can be done. Sounds like a great challenge for your family.
  3. Re: Garmin 60CSx (I'm troubleshooting a problem for a fellow cacher and could use some advice) Description of problem: The unit will turn on and goes to the satellite screen where it looks normal and acquires satellites as normal. At that point, no button works. You can't page to another page. You can't bring up the menu. You can do nothing but see the satellite screen. The power button will not turn off the unit. (The only way I have found to power down is by removing the batteries). Additionally, the unit would beep in constant repetition. Pressing any button would pause the beep, but the beeping would continue after releasing the button. After working with it for an hour or so, it is no longer beeping but all other symptoms remain. Here's what I have tried (with no change in behavior except for the beeping): Backed up the data. (So I'm not worried about losing data) Ensured that the metal SD Card clip was locked into place. Replaced the SD card with another card from a working Garmin 60CSx Removed the SD card Replaced the batteries (I have tried Duracell Alkaline and Energizer Alkaline) Upgraded the firmware using WebUpdater on Windows 7 - USB. I have tried a factory reset by holding Page/Enter/PowerButton. I do not get the prompt for confirmation and it does not appear to have made a change. Although, this appears to have stopped the beeping. I have tried a factory reset by holding 'Quit', 'Enter', 'Out' and 'Power' button. It does not appear to have made a change. On the outside, the unit is in excellent condition and has not been abused. The symptoms began on a rainy multi-day hike. I have not yet called Garmin support. Any ideas?
  4. Thank you for the words. I recognized that GC code before I even clicked the link. Please let us know if you are ever in the area. A guided trip may not be out of the question. Also, let me add one to your list: (honestly, I've never been able to completely solve it but I have invested more time and had more fun with this than I will ever tell) Amnon's Code http://coord.info/GC1J0YR
  5. Well, one reason would be to make it harder for people to find the really interesting (spoiler) logs. If only the spoiler logs are encrypted, then they're easy to find. If every log is encrypted, then you have to search to find the spoiler logs. It's similar in principle to someone shredding all their waste paper, instead of shredding only confidential documents. For someone looking for the important information, there's more irrelevant material to sort through. (Cache owner here.) I just want to say, nirAD, I LOVE that answer! The truth is: it just started as a way to build intrigue during the first week. After finders started encrypting their own logs, we kept at it for consistency. It's easy enough to decrypt them all with a single click (immediately above the logs). I can see why it would be annoying in this venue (but hey, it just takes a click right?). It was never about spoilers. There are plenty of spoilers out there and you are welcome to them. Please feel free to talk freely. I just wanted to chime in since someone out there may genuinely be interested in the reasoning.
  6. Consider the Cades Cove area (http://coord.info/GC1E05) with a few caches (mostly virtual). It is a prime wildlife viewing area (deer, bear, turkey, etc). There's a loop that you can drive, bike, or walk. You'll see plenty of wildlife. There is also some historical sites and a waterfall. Also, consider Alum Cave Bluff (http://coord.info/GCGZ71). I've never been here, but it's on my to-do list.
  7. ...because nobody wants a soggy Earth sandwich. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  8. I can't offer any help, but I just wanted to say that this is an absolutely outstanding idea. Love it! Earth Sandwich? That's great. What a creative idea! That is hilarious on so many levels. ...and it should be appreciated by map enthusiasts everywhere. Please follow-through with this. If not for your daughter, do it for me.
  9. Yes. (as long as we're still talking about some game on the Internet)
  10. I love Challenge Caches. And I love the idea of Geocaching Challenges and have enjoyed a few. Not only that, but I love finding benchmarks. Being FTF on a benchmark was one of my proudest "geocaching" moments. (That said, I don't enjoy logging benchmarks, so you'll not find many in my profile) Now, I am quite capable of ignoring things I do not enjoy. And like you, I'm all for others having freedom to do things that I can simply ignore. (I'll spare you the speech about business owners also having this freedom) Here's the thing: Rules define the boundaries. Sure, it is sometimes frustrating when we believe the rules should be different. But playing by the rules is the only way to keep it fun. And while rules can be evaluated and improved over time, there's a right way to go about it. (not sure this is it) Oh, and if Groundspeak is actually hearing your opinion in this venue, then this might be a good place to say that I appreciate the rules that apply in this case.
  11. If he enjoys hiking but not geocaching, use geocaching to find new places to hike. Of course, you can find caches in places you normally go. But you can also find new places to go by seeking interesting caches. Many people are attracted to caching because they often discover new places to explore... even places close to home that you've never realized were so amazing. Once he realizes the value in discovering new places maybe, just *maybe*, his enthusiasm will increase. If you do the legwork to find some options of places to geocache, let him help choose the location before an outing. Perhaps, then, he will see the value in the game.
  12. If you are on Facebook, join these two groups: Appalachian Geocachers https://www.facebook.com/groups/138862812863700/ Tennessee Valley Geocachers https://www.facebook.com/groups/tn.valley.geocachers/ Here is a listing of caches within 100 miles sorted by favorites: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=36.11947&lng=-83.48354&dist=100&sortdir=desc&sort=fav Start by looking through that list. If you pick 2 or 3 that look interesting to you, we can offer suggestions of similar caches.
  13. Would this not also hold true for an Earthcache, Event, Wherigo, Virtual, Webcam, CITO, Letterbox Hybrid, and many Multi-caches? (not to mention all of those other cache types such as block party, exhibits, etc.) Yes, that is in the written specifications. But is a naming convention really the best way to handle? It seems more like a workaround.
  14. Yes, yes, yes. +1, +1, +1 Puzzles can remain the "catch-all" for new ideas. Challenge Caches are unique and deserve their own cache type. Here's a list of 4,647 caches that may be eligible for the new type: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=0a3e1a81-39d8-45c9-bfb3-7fe026bf883d This would provide value for those interested in completing challenge caches as well as those preferring to ignore them.
  15. I'm not sure I can relate to your analagy. Microsoft was built (insert POTUS joke here) by childhood friends with a good idea and the determination to follow through. It was competition that led to Microsoft's success. And that same competition produced the world's most valuable company (not Microsoft). Are you saying that Microsoft should not build new products? Should the Ham radio guys back down and let someone else win? If so, no one improves. Competition has value, even for the guys that are trailing the leader. When a FTF is up for grabs, please don't let me "win". My children appreciate that it's a challenge.
  16. Does anybody know a good place to purchase a waterproof match container and some tape? [Nevermind: I just discovered that the local Walmart carries them both.]
  17. I once paid a guy $5 on fiverr.com to do a for a cache idea. I've had way more than $5 worth of fun out of it. Never found the need to have someone else sign my name to a log though. That doesn't seem worth 5 bucks.
  18. Can you post the picture here? That might help in understanding. Or at least be entertaining. Nevermind. I see it: http://coord.info/GC3FTGD
  19. Even if they stayed ownerless, this issue could be easily be remedied by being able to put Challenges on your Watchlist. Which would also be great for seeing completions for nifty Challenges out there by someone else. Hopefully that is also on Lillipad's plans for Challenges' future. Yep. Just what I suggested in post #12. If challenges could be added to a watch list and notifications of new challenges were implemented that would go a long way in improving the feature. As it is, Groundspeak came up with a new model for challenge with the elimination of a formal review process and the ability of the creator to manage the logs. Instead, they've left it up to the community to review new challenges for appropriateness and to flag bogus completions but they haven't (yet) given us the tools that allows the community to easily monitor when new challenges are created or when they are logged. A watchlist for Challenges has already been Planned and Started. http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/75775-geocaching-com/suggestions/2173095-challenge-notifications-and-watchlist
  20. Good question. I can think of more than one occasion where I thought I had found the cache until I opened the container and realized I hadn't. Some were more pleasant than others.
  21. Here's a similar one that I had made for one of our mystery caches:
  22. Nice idea. Here's one: "Cache to Eagle" - http://www.geoscouting.com/cache2eagle.html
  23. Yes, as niraD said you can host it somewhere else. Here is an example: http://coord.info/GC1BVZ2 You can use the HTML "img" tag to include it on the cache page: In this example, the following was used: <img src="http://echo-cache.webs.com/cachenotice.gif" border="0" />
  24. I do believe that you are quoting BS's personal opinion. I've got a personal opinion, too, so do other posters on the forum. That doesn't mean that it's against the Guidelines. We all have opinions, but Groundspeak has chosen to list Brian's opinion on the Geocache Listing Requirements / Guidelines page: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx ...surely that gives it a bit more weight. Still not getting which specific item in the Guidelines you're talking about. Hopefully it's not the "cache saturation" guideline. The quote is specifically and explicitly listed on the guidelines page. Maybe they just put it there to be cute.
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