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GeoScout - Shameless Plugging!


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First off, I'll say I have Absolutely NO connection with the software author, other than being a very satisfied user of his excellent software!


For a couple of years now I've been using GeoScout for my caching. The main reason for this was the facility to plot your position & caches on a real map background, similar to MemoryMap or Anquet, but a LOT cheaper.


Earlier this year Stuart (The author) released Version 2. This addresses the major problem with the old version - as your list of caches increased, the speed dropped off (beyond about 30 caches in a folder). He's now incorporated a cache database management part, which makes searching caches much easier. lots of other great new features too, including TB management, multi cache solver.


The only issue I have with the new version is that it no longer uses Ordnance Survey maps. <_<


I recommend anyone try it out - free for 30 days and only £20 to register (or £15 to upgrade).




Oops - forgot to mention, the software is for Windows Mobile (2003SE upwards)

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I'm also a Geoscout user. I love this program, but it seems to be blacklisted or something by Groundspeak. Seems like it gets lots less attention than it disserves.

To be fair to Groundspeak, I don't think it's 'blacklisted' or anything - cachemate & Beeline (to name but two) also don't get a mention on the Geocaching software page. I feel a little message coming on... :yikes:

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