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Filtering out Canadian Caches?


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I live just south of the Canadian Border. When I search for caches near my home coords I get alot of Canadian caches. I'd like to filter them out for 2 reasons:


1) Crossing the border is a hassle

2) Alot of them are in French which I don't read or write!


Is it possible to filter them out?





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If you run a Pocket Query you can specify the State(s).


Is the State option read before the "From Origin" option?


Because I did in NY and then 100 miles from my Home Coords.


I think that may be throwing the Canadian ones back in.

Those are AND parameters so for a cache to be listed, it has to meet both requirements. I have noticed that there are some caches listed as being in one state while they are in another. That may account for some Canadian caches being listed. There is one that is actually in Washington, but the coords put it in Victoria Harbor. That one is a puzzle and predates the two mile requirement. There is another that is well into Oregon, but the owner listed it as being in Washington.

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On the PQ page, you can also specify the country. I live 15 minutes from washington state, and I dont get a single cache listed from WA in my 500 closest PQ. Specifying country works well for my region.


I don't see the US in the country list.


Ya that is odd, it is simple for me as I select to only include Canada. It seems that in an effort to make it simple for americans, it actually complicates things.

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