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Deleted log, lost find

Jon Law

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I have a question for the group.


I find a cache one day and I am the FTF. But the cache was around 200' off the mark. My log listed that the cache was found, and I posted the coordinates I came up with. Cache owner updates their coordinates, posted the distance charge at 198.9 feet, and deletes my log. So is there a method to contest the deletion? I did get an email from the cache owner about a no trespassing sign I passed on the way out, but nothing mentioning that he/she would be deleting the log.

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I am guessing that the owner did not want to advertise how far off his coordinates were. If nothing was said about deleting the log, I would just re-log it without mentioning the 200' part :antenna:


When the owner updated the co-ordinates the distance moved is part of the automatically generated log. Hmmm, I wonder if the cache owner can delete that log? Being the curious type I checked one of my caches that I moved the co-ordinates on. It seems I can't do much with the log, so I guess it has to stay.


The OP did not say he mentioned the distance, just the new co-ordinates. If he did not mention the distance moved then I could speculate on the reasons for the deletion, but given that I'm not sure we have the rest of the story I'll keep them to my self.



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