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Any Cacheberry users out there?

Blackjack Bailey
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I've just chucked out my HTC touch-screen phone, which was giving me endless hassles. It would frequently freeze or slow down to a crawl, and it has been sent to JHB twice to be fixed, including a replacement touch-screen. For paperless caching, I initially used Cachemate on the HTC, and then switched to exporting caches in HTML format from GSAK.


I now access all the SA caches (including logs) on my nuvi 610, which I update weekly from GSAK.


I have replaced the HTC with a BlackBerry Curve, which is awesome and VERY stable! However, Cachemate does not run on a BlackBerry, but there is a similar application called Cacheberry which is dedicated to run on BlackBerrys.


Are there any cachers out there that use Cacheberry on their BlackBerrys? Pros and cons?

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Am I the only BlackBerry owner that wants to do paperless caching???


Looks like it! Should have stayed with the HTC! :D


I have one complaint though with the HTC.

I got my P3600 in May or June last year, and the batery already only lasts 3 days.

When I got it, it lasted almost a week.

The camera also stopped working, but after a hardware reset, is working again.

(Typical Windows scenario)

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Am I the only BlackBerry owner that wants to do paperless caching???


I've used cacheberry for a few months, after switching from a Palm to a blackberry. It actually has a little more functionality, and is as easy to use as cachemate, though the movement through the data is a little different and takes a few uses to learn.

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I used Cachemate on my Treo for a year or so, and then when my work required me to use a Blackberry I was worried about paperless caching... so I started using Cacheberry a few months ago. All in all, I am very pleased with the app. I still download to my Nuvi to get me to the cache area, but switch to my 60CSX and Cacheberry once on the trail.



User interface and navigation

Search features and filter on searches

Email yourself all your notes from each cache with links to take you to GC.com

Swap to GC.com from Cacheberry for last minute log info

Sort features (especially sort by GPS coords so all near caches are sorted together

Support by the developer. He continually makes upgrades based on user feedback and is very responsive on his forums.

Easy updating of new versions

Multiple database support



Large database support. I like to load 2500+ caches into a single database. Not practical with Cacheberry. I have to break it into smaller databases for performance and load time efficiency. Still works, but an inconvenience.


I really like the application and give a 2 thumbs up!

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Well, I've now put CacheBerry through its paces and I'm very impressed with it!


I used it for two days running, while driving from Cape Town to Durban. I also used it all day today.


It's quite liberating to have everything you need in your pocket, including the listing, hints, TB details and past logs. Although there is the option to type in offline field notes, which can then be uploaded to GC later, I prefer to use the direct link from CacheBerry to the relevant listing on GC in order to log my finds - so my logs are done in realtime!


With the built in GPS receiver on the BlackBerry, it is also possible to sort the database into nearest caches, and the search and filter options are awesome.


The full QWERTY keyboard on my BlackBerry Curve makes typing of logs in the field an absolute pleasure.

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Ive just downloaded Cacheberry but cant seem to get my Blackberry to find GPX files when I put them on. Have you any tips as to what to do?? I havent the first clue but I know Im doing something wrong. Husband is flying ahead with his HTC touch diamond using Basic GPS for windows mobiles 6.1 and I really want to be able to get to the cache site before him and have a bit of competition, but its not happening and Im left in the dark because I cant get cacheberry to work for me.


Help would be much appreciated!



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Hi Claire,


It's quite simple to do. After you have transferred the GPX file to the SD card of your BlackBerry, disconnect your BlackBerry from your computer - this step is important, otherwise you will be able to browse the contents of your SD card with CacheBerry.


Now, in CacheBerry, go to the menu and scroll down to the option named Import GPX/LOC and then browse for the GPX file on the SD card. After the import is done, save the data by going to the menu and selecting Database...Save As and give it a name.


I suggest that you sign up as a member of the CacheBerry forum where you will pick up many useful tips and get great help! The link is http://www.zitafarm.com/forum/

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