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COINTEST! Name my geo-puppy!

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Once again this was very hard to decide,, we put the best ones in a hat and drew 1 out,, this was the winner

and the winner is........ post #9



Oh my, ... I actually cried out when I saw how cute the little guy is!!


I would recommend "Scout" or "CacheScout" as a nick-name.


post #9 sandyduff please send me your addy via e-mail thru my profile!!! thank you all for entering my cointest!!!!





I AM SOOO HONORED!! I really enjoyed all the posts and got tons of tips that really make sense. thanks so much for a great contest. And a place to refer back to when we add another pup to our caching clan!


So sorry that I have been busy and not checking out the logs or even my email digest over the last few days!!


I wish we were closer so our dogs could cache together Scout and Coral Bell (bet your glad I didn't recommend a name like that!!)


I also REALLY like how Scout goes with Lucky!!



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