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FS: Garmin Venture HC & Magellan Explorist 500le

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Both are in perfect working order! They were my wife's gpsr, but are no longer need as she has upgraded to the Colorado.


The Venture HC screen is scratch free and show signs of very little use. It does have three "x's" etched into the back of the gps so I don't no if it was refurbished at one time. I purchased it from the bargain cave at Cabalas so they could be there to keep it from being sold as new. Also includes the usb cable. Currently running the latest software versions 2.9/2.8. Any other specs or information can be found at Garmin website.



The Magellan explorist works great. The screen does have scratches on it that are visible when looking at the display, but the screen is still plenty readable. The scratches are not really visible in the picture but I did highlight the areas where they are - I don't really think there are a big deal just trying to give the best description. The usb cable for the explorist is included as well. Running software version 5.2.57


Asking $65.00 for the Garmin Venture plus $10.00 shipping.

Asking $50.00 for the Magellan explorist plus $10.00 shipping. I can accept paypal.



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