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  1. If you are so unhappy with it return it. Sounds like you did not do much research before buying.
  2. Really? A discontinued car GPS? Or an aviation unit? Those are the first 2 Google hits for "Garmin 650." You might mean something else, but for someone who is still trying to figure out what he should buy, "Garmin 650" is pretty ambiguous. I think the garmin montana 650 makes a little more sense.
  3. I would go with a garmin gpsmap 78s, it has long battery life and it floats. Garmin does have a map set just for the boundary water available here. As already mentioned already, www.gpsfiledepot.com does contain many free maps for mn, including a BWCA map of all the portages and campsites. Free maps are worth trying before you fork out 100 dollars for the garmin maps.
  4. Beta works fine for me! No bricked gpsr, and no profile change crashes. Waypoint symbol filtering is nice, but it sure would be nice to arrange the list by name also.
  5. What?? I thought I was the only one with this issue.
  6. After using mine on a hour long car ride today, it stopped giving voice directions somewhere along the way. Happened on the way there and the way back. It would still speak if I used the turn preview button on the map screen, so I don't know what is going on. I am also still not getting my speed limit displayed all the time either. It seems to start working when it wants to, but when it does it will work correctly.
  7. 100% hardware issue. Is that coming from garmin?
  8. Wow. Version 3.00 did not last very long. I wonder what was the deal with that?
  9. When I took my zagg screen protector off of my orgeon 450, half of my screen quit working. When you take to screen protector off it really pulls on the touch screen, it's kind of scary. While it didn't rip apart like to montana screen, I still had to send it in to garmin for repair.
  10. That's the way it is suppose to work - use the compass page when navigating to a waypoint.
  11. I don't think it is that bad. I did every update on that garmin released for my oregon and their sure were some rough ones, but they will get it right. If you had wanted a smoother working gps I would have waited another year - that goes for all gps manufactures.
  12. Installed 2.6 on my 600 and this seems to be working.
  13. Well, at least I'm not crazy. There has to be something that's causing it. I also have Garmin topo 24K and BirdsEye loaded. Cacheholic, would you mind sending an email to MontanaBeta@garmin.com describing the delay. The good folks there think I'm crazy on this one. I have CN 2012.1 and topo 24k loaded as well, and I am getting about 10 seconds before it will display the search results.
  14. Try turning your backlight timer off, then you will see how fast your batteries go. My batteries were new powerex 2700 that I have ran through the break-in period on my maha MH-C9000 charger, cannot get much better than that. Just for comparison, those same batteries in a garmin oregon, yield 10 hours of use (with everything on).
  15. Just read this on the garmin forum. "Many of you have requested the ability to load more than 100 jpeg of Garmin Custom Maps onto your GPSes. We were able to increase this limit to 500 on the new Garmin Montana. If you're a heavy user of Custom Map, you might want to check it out. As always, this affects the total number of jpegs inside all the kmz files. The number of kmz file doesn't matter. " I better make up some custom maps!
  16. You will have to let us know how they work out! I am surprised they came out with a ram mount that fast.
  17. It wasn't the same set of caches. It was supposed to be the same filename, though, and as it wasn't. The intent was to overwrite one entire set with an altogether different set (for vacation). So do you get an alarm if you load more than 5000 caches in single gpx file?
  18. Selecting "when full" - i am not sure to get a daily log. Did anyone test this option already? The 60csx does work different than the oregon. 60csx logs automatic daily - if you clear the current log or not - it doesn't matter (i prefer this option because starting a track, i do not like to see the track of the previous journey to the starting point) clearing the Oregon current log - there is NO daily log of the deleted track. After giving it a try today, I ended up having six different track segments from the day. I had the track log set to record every one second, and auto archive when full. This is the same behavior that I experience with my other garmins.
  19. Or the alarm is bork and it just doesn't tell you I don't get an alarm for going over 2000 on my Oregon 300, but some caches don't get loaded - in no pattern I could discern. Looking at the garmin support page, version 2.3 of the oregon x00 firmware added the following: "Added error message when the maximum number of geocaches is exceeded (2000)" "Added error message when the maximum number of gpx files is exceeded (200)" So it would appear that you should be covered if you load an excess number of caches or gpx file. But that was the second release of the firmware, so their is a good chance that it could be broken by now too.
  20. Got me curious there. Just tried to load 8300 caches on my 450 - no alarm. Ditto - accidentally double loaded PQs once with two different names (screwed up and told GSAK to use a new name for the file while another was resident), and blew through the 5000 limit. When I disconnected and rebooted, I had the really long delay I always get with large PQ loads, but no warning that anything was amiss. If the same cache is loaded multiple times in different PQs it will not count towards the limit. I just loaded "6000" caches into my 62st, with a gpx file from GSAK containing 5000 caches and then also reloaded the same PQ that was contained in the gpx file from GSAK, and received no alarm. I would be curious as to what happens if you load over 5000 distinct caches.
  21. I have now loaded 10153 caches, with no alarm. In my random sampling the caches do appear to be there. The limit is certainly not 5000 caches. I wish garmin would just publish what the actual number is.
  22. Is this from personal experience? If so, it is the first Garmin handheld with no limit on cache count. All recent units use internal memory and copy relevant data from the *.gpx to that space, and internal memory is FINITE. While I haven't had time to play with this that much, I just loaded 5950 caches into my 62st and it gave an error that the maximum number of geocaches has been exceeded (as expected). Those same caches on my Montana gave no alarm, and as far as I can tell they are all there. So it may well be that the Montana series does not have the 5000 cache limit.
  23. This is a know "bug" when navigating to a waypoint. It seems that lowrance hasn't post a firmware update in over a year so I would not hold my breath on it getting fixed.
  24. I bet if you set the auto archive to "when full" you would get what you want but with multiple tracks. Does the orgeon work the same as the 60csx?
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